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DOOR GASKET for Glastender – Part# GLA06004390



DOOR GASKET, 22-1/4″ X 32″, GRAY

GLASTENDER BB108, BB108BR, BB108BW, BB108L, BB108R, BB108WR,

BB60, BB60BR, BB60BW, BB60L, BB60R, BB60WR, BB84, BB84BR,

BB84BW, BB84L, BB84R, BB84WR, ND52, ND52BR, ND52BW, ND52L,

ND52R, ND52WR, ND72, ND72BR, ND72BW, ND72L, ND72R, ND72WR,

ND92, ND92BR, ND92BW, ND92L, ND92R, ND92WR

Weight 1.51 kg
Dimensions 22.5 × 10 × 1 cm


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