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PILOT ASSEMBLY, 3/16" & 1/4", NAT/LP, W/ORIFICES;FOR NAT ORIFICE .018" USE # 26-1128, INCLUDED;FOR LP ORIFICE .010" USE # 26-1129, INCLUDED;FRANKLIN CHEF OVEN SERIES: GDO, GPO.;MARSAL & SONS OVEN MB(42,60), SD(448,1048,660,1060);SOUTHBEND RANGE 1361-(B,0-A,1-A), 1421-(B,0-A,1-A),;T-1361-(B,0-A, 1-A), T-1421-(B,0-A,1-A).;VULCAN OVEN SERIES: 7000, 7800, 7016A1, 7018A1, 7019A1,;7066A1, 7088A1, 7099A1, 7888A1, 7999A1, GH3/72, GH3/72C,;GH3/72S, GH30, GH30C, GH45, GH45/72, GH56, GH56S, GH6,;GH60,GH60/45, GH60/72, GH6045C, GH60T, GH60T/45, GH60T/72,;GH6C,GH6S, GH6T45C, GH72, GH72/45, GHM3/72, GHM6, HCB040;WOLF RANGE AFS, CAF, CH, CHSS, KAFS, KCAF.

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