S3004 Jet Spray TOGGLE SWITCH 1/2 SPST

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[ TOGGLE ] [ FITS HOLE 1/2" ] [ ON/OFF ] [ SPST ]SILVER;[ TERMINALS 2 (1/4" TABS) ] [ VOLT/AMP 20A/125V,10A/277V ];AMERICAN PERMANENT WARE TOASTER M78;CLEVELAND KEL, KEP, KET, KGL, KGM, SSE;GROEN KETTLE AH, AHS, CAH, DAH, DH, DHS, HFP, TDH;SCOTSMAN AFE325, AFE400, CD200B, CM500, CM500RE, CM650,;CME1000A, CME1002R, CME1002W, CME1202R, CME1402R, CME250,;CME500, CME650, CME650R, CME855A, CME865R, CME865W,;CMS1002R, CMS1002W, CMS1202R, CMS1402, CP1086, CP1316,;CP2086, CP686, CP886, Double System RL FM-FME, Double ;RL NM-NME, FM1200, FM1200R, FM1202, FM1202R, FM1500,;FM1500R, FM2400, FM2400R, FM2400RH, FM2402, FM2402R,;FM2402RH, FM800, FM800R, FME1200, FME1200R, FME1204,;FME1500, FME1500R, FME2400, FME2400R, FME2400RH, FME2404,;FME2404R, FME800, FME800R, FME804, FME804R, HD22, HD22B,

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