Super Systems 705160 SIGNAL LIGHT 1/2" RED 250V


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250 V [ FITS HOLE 1/2" ] [3/16" TABS ] [COLOR RED] ;[ TYPE HAT FLAT ][ BEZEL CHROME] [ FASTENER LOCK TABS],;FLAT ON SIDE;DELFIELD WARMER;HATCO BOOSTER FR, ( EXCEPT FR-5), 3CS;HATCO FOOD WARMERS SERIES GR;SUPERSYSTEMS OVEN OP-(3,4), DO-PB-(9,12);WELLS WARMER BMW-206RT, BMW-206RTD, BMW-206ST, BMW-206STD,;BMW-206ULRT, BMW-206ULRTD, BMW-206ULST, BMW-206ULSTD,;F-101,F-1016, F-14, F-1725, F-49, F-49RT, F-55 STS, F-55;Std,F-556 STS, F-556 Std, F-58, F-586, F-67, F-676, F-68,;F-686,F-85, F-856, F-88, F-886, HC-100, HC-125, HC-225,;LLF-14,OC-1, OC-2HG, OC-4, OC-4HC, OC-4TC, SS-10T, SS-10TD,;SS-10ULT, SS-10ULTD, SS-206ET, SS-206ETD, SS-206T,;SS-206TD,SS-206ULT, SS-206ULTD, SS-276ULT, SS-276ULTD,

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