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NAT/LP PILOT, FACTORY # 6CH14-10, 1830-491 ;TUBE SIZE 1/4", FLAME PATTERN 3 WAY, HOOD WIDTH 1-1/2";NAT ORIFICE PRE-INSTALLED # 26-1555, .018;LP ORIFICE INCLUDED # 26-1554, .010;CECILWARE FRYER FMP 30, 40B, 403, 65, FMS 30, 54;IMPERIAL FRYER SERIES: IF, IHR, IR.;VULCAN HART;FRYER GF(91G,92G), HF91G, HF92G (OLD 7891G & 7892G),TK-35,;SERIES: 7400, 7500, 7800 (DEPENDING ON DATE OF;MODEL). SERIES: EF;1GR45M, 1GR65M, 1GR85M, 1GRC35, 1GRC45, 1GRC65, 1GRD45,;1GRD65, 1GRS35, 1GRS45, 1GRS65, EF3, EF4, EF5, GR35, GR35F,;GR45, GR45F, GR65, GR65F, GR85, GR85F, GRC35F, GRC45F,;GRC65F, GRC85F, GRD35F, GRD45F, GRD65F, GRD85F, GRS35F,;GRS45F, GRS65F, GRS85F

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